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Sacramento, Ca

  • Hometown: Del Paso Heights, CA


  • Years Active: 2016 - Present


  • Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/R&B

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Lets jump straight into D'Steez's latest release 'Free Smoke 3'


D-Steez was Born in Sacramento, California but was raised in the greater Sacramento city of Del Paso Heights. He came up initially with both parents in the home, where life was not heavily burdensome, but that changed when Steez was 7 years old. This was the year that his father passed away, and the year that everything would change for him and his family. The lost hit the family hard. Both emotionally and financially. The life that Steezs' mother had envisioned for her family was lost. As time passed and events played out, Steez knew he had to step up, be a man, and pave a way for himself and the ones he loved.

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Steez Knew he had to make it happen. Even though he was moving around in the streets, he was a talented athlete and had a passion for football. Steez has always been intelligent and talented in multiple areas, but his temper and low tolerance for disrespect would often set him back. These factors would have steez in an incident where he would be expelled from school, not able to play football, and even sent to juvenile hall. Once again Steez would have a setback in life and have to find a way to make a way for himself. Steez was heavily involved in the street life, but never allowed them to control his direction in life and after some time he made his way to college. 

While in college, Steez had many friends that did music, and were serious about it. Steez decided to make a monetized YouTube page to help promote his peoples music, but knew he had something to offer. He began recording verses on his phone and putting down tracks. Soon he was getting more into creating music and was gaining traction. But once again life would hand steez another setback and this time, it meant incarceration.


Steez had to serve about 20 months in prison. While incarcerated, he made a shift in his mentality. Something within him knew that when he was released, he was going to reach the top of the game. His rhymes, delivery, aggressiveness, versatility, and cadence were leaps and bounds ahead of any other artist. It was time to take music seriously. Steez wrote song after song and when he as finally released from prison, he didn't waste any time. He went into beast mode and began to take over the city.


Today, Steez at the top of his city. Just as he intended. D-Steezs' name rings beyond Sacramento today. Beyond California. He has done music with some of the top talent in the music game and from the looks of it, if it's on Steezs' mind to take over the world, its nothing anyone or anything can do to stop him.

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