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Yung Heem

Since Yung Heems return to the streets the rapper has been waking Northern Cali up and shaking up the rap game. The talent and rapping capabilities is second to none and you can feel the authenticity and emotion radiating off of each word through the stories told in his songs.


Yung Heem


San Jose, CA

Musical Influences:

Lil Wayne, T.I, Mac Dre


Hip Hop / Rap


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Lets Jump straight into one of Yung Heems latest releases "Poor Role Models"


Originally born in the 805, Yung Heem moved to San Jose at a young age where he would spend most of his adult life. When he was young, Heem moved around frequently due to his father being in the military, and worked in group homes. Times were hard as a child and in turn Heem looked toward influences to help him cope toward the always changing world around him. That was his big brother. As children, they would play ball and be kids, but when Heems older brother jumped in the streets and stared hustling, Heem was again by his side. 

Throughout his life Heem had always been deep into music. He began taking rap seriously at an early age of 13, writing his first rap at just 9 years old. Heem was moving in the streets, and also had dreams of becoming rich off music. Although there would be one thing that would constantly mar his progress. The Law.

While in his young career, Heem was opening for artist like Shady Nate and Livewire, dropping music, and really making a serious go for the top of the music game. Meanwhile, his street activities were starting to take a turn for the worse, and one of these instances landed him in prison for 13 years. This would have a huge effect on Heem and his aspirations. But it did not effect his mind. In fact, he knew he was going to come out with a vengeance as the fire burned in his heart for music day after day. 

Prison woke up Heems drive, desire, and mindset. When He was finially released from prison he unfortunately caught another charge. This is where he told himself that music was going to be his life and he was going to leave everything else behind. His motivation to keep going strong is all his people incarcerated who will never see the streets who believe in him and his journey. He tells Orepark that he knows someone out there has had the same experiences or "Went through the same things as me, I'm not the only one"  

Not only is Heem fulfilling his promises to his people and feeding the streets great storytelling music, but he is also bringing into fruition the fire that lived inside him for so long while he was incarcerated. ITS ONLY UP FROM HERE!

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