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Is Oaklands Young Jr Next to go Mainstream?


Young Jr

FOD Entertainment


East Oakland, CA

Musical Influences

Lil Boosie, 3x Crazy, The Delinquents, Bad influence, 2pac,


Hip Hop / Rap


  • Youtube
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Young Jr has been on a roll lately and his aspirations of a nation wide takeover may be at the tip of his fingers. 

Mainstream California Artist 'Symba' Gives Young Jr his flowers 

Jr hits the block and delivers a greatly directed street performance of his new track "Smoke". Again Jr showcases his creative wordplay and gives the audience straight bars. He brings a style slightly different from his usual melodic flow

Young Jr's latest project "Thug Child" is widely considered one of his best. With fascinating production and Mixing along with top of the line features this would be the project the audience would refer to as the one that moved him the upwards direction.

Jr teams up with Sacramento artist CML / Lavish-D and shoots a visual for the track "The Finest" off of Jr's latest album.


It seems Like Jr has found his niche and operates in a world of his own that no other artist can touch. With Mainstream accolades and signed to a high roller record label such as FOD, the rap community seems to have put thier chips all on Jr. But what makes Jr stand out? Most rappers have the chains, cars, and money but what makes Jr different? The difference is real raw talent, original swag, and work ethic. Jr is constantly pumping out features and new music with visuals along with them. More importantly, Jr has his own sound and swag. 


Can Young Jr's melodic rap style and original disposition take his to the big leagues? It sure looks that way

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