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Young Jr

How the Oakland Native continues to capitalize on his Sucess with FOD ENT.


FOD Entertainment


East Oakland, CA

Musical Influences

Lil Boosie, 3x Crazy, The Delinquents, Bad influence, 2pac,


Hip Hop / Rap


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With hundreds of songs in his catalog that have been released and more in the vault, Young JR has made it to the top of the Oakland rap game through his aggresive work ethic. When analyzing JR, one is forced to assume he's almost like a robot! A street rapper who is capable of coasting through tracks with heavy aggressiveness or soft melodies with ease. No matter what energy the beat brings JR is able to spit the Ism with no effort. JR is an absolute machine! Non Human!   

Mainstream California Artist 'Symba' Gives Young Jr his flowers 

Jr Tells Orepark that He wants to give back to those who gave to him while he was on the rise to success. People like his FOD family. Young Jr knows that his work ethic is what ultimately fostered his achievement of signing with the 'Richest Label in Oakland' And forsure the most popular FOD. He tells us how he wants to give back to Philthy Rich by helping put others in positions and further prospering the FOD label and Oakland Rap as a whole.

It seems Like Jr has found his niche and operates in a world of his own that no other artist can touch. With Mainstream accolades and signed to a high roller record label such as FOD, the rap community seems to have put thier chips all on Jr. But what makes Jr stand out? Most rappers have the chains, cars, and money but what makes Jr different? The difference is real raw talent, original swag, and work ethic. Jr is constantly pumping out features and new music with visuals along with them. More importantly, Jr has his own sound and swag. 



Can Young Jr's melodic rap style and original disposition take his to the big leagues? It sure looks that way

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