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Young Jr

FOD Entertainment


East Oakland, CA

Musical Influences

Lil Boosie, 3x Crazy, The Delinquents, Bad influence, 2pac,


Hip Hop / Rap


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Lets Jump straight into one of Young Jr 's latest releases "Back End Remix"


Young Jr was born and raised in Oakland, California. growing up in Oakland has inherent triumphs and influences which Jr began to experience firsthand at a young age. His parents were heavily in the streets and this caused his mother to end up in prison when Jr was young. After this Jr went to go live with his uncle, but with his street mentality bumping heads with his uncle's rules Jr decided to go live with his father. From here, the relentless grind and hustle within Young Jr was awakened


In a creative and artistic driven environment like Oakland, it was natural that Jr would develop a passion for music and develop an authentic sauce about himself. At a young age he was rapping and dancing at a high level. At about 15, jr was performing n clubs and dropping music. He continued to work and blossom as an artist and at about 18, he was established not only in the streets, but as a talented artist who had a promising future. The takeover had begun.


Early Young Jr


Young Jr had already established himself as a prominent independent artist and inarguably showed that he had the ability to take over Northern Cali on his own. Throughout his years of being an entertainer, Jr had developed a number of important relationships, but the one that would have relevance to his career was the one with Philthy Rich. After some time, Jr ended up making a deal with FOD Ent and signed with the biggest label in the Bay Area. While Jr already had a big name, this would allow him to reach people he perhaps otherwise would not. The already legendary Young Jr would now become even bigger. 

FOD Era Young Jr


Today Young Jr is on top the list of hottest Nor Cal rappers today and is creating a legacy that will be forever remembered for years to come. This legacy comes from his original swag, unique energy, and divine charisma. Jr is special and as we watch his establish his legacy, we all know we will never see anything like this again. 

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