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TSG Stunna


Fresno, Ca


Hip Hop / Rap


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Lets Jump straight into one of TSG Stunna's latest releases "The One"

Stunna lets the audience know he means business in his latest single "The One"

Stunna is set to put out his 4th studio album since being released from his third bid. This is his 7th album.  While we wait take a look at Stunnas last release "Star Player".


Born and raised in Fresno, Ca Stunna came up living a normal life when it came to his home. He had friends, went to school and came home usually. Although Stunna wasn't the normal kid. He was prone to get himself in all sorts of trouble and at an early age began fighting and getting more involved with his hood and the street life that came with it. At the same time, Stunna is far from a dummy. He managed to always score good grades and make honor role as a student. What would always get in his way was his behavior, he was known for fighting and getting kicked out of class for his temperament and when he was a freshman, even stopped attending school on a regular basis. Stunna also played sports, but he would get kicked out of the school in which he played for, further making him have to decide which route he was going to take in life. Even with all of this going on, he aced classes and would constantly prove that he was leaps and bounds ahead of what school had to offer. He was already involved in the streets and hanging around adults, gangbanging, fighting, and Lord knows what else at the time. So school was not a priority, survival was.  But Stunna knew with his book smarts and street smarts, he was going to make something happen regardless. 


Stunna had always been into music and alot of the people he was around were rappers. He would also rap himself but would only do it for fun. He would constantly bump his homies music and support his people. His homies would try and urge him to pick up the mic but at the time it just wasn't his thing. Things started to change when Stunna started getting incarcerated. Being away from his people and being in the system affected him like it did most, but 2 of his closest brothers passed away and it shook Stunna to the core. Especially being in prison when it happened and unable to be physically present for his friends and family, and having to deal with his own grief alone. 

This awoke the beast in Stunna that was there all along, but now this beast was going to have a different role. He was going to honor his fallen soldiers by taking music seriously and putting his all on every track like they wanted him to do. There was no holding back Stunna. 


Early TSG Stunna


With alot of his close friends passed on or in the system, Stunna has no choice but to go hard every day and achieve something every time he hits the booth. Not to mention he has a daughter who he has to look out for. What keeps Stunna motivated and the passion flowing in his veins is the people he loves. Whether here or not. He takes his music as serious as a full time job and continues to feed the streets heat and gives his hood something to be proud of, like his older homies did for him when he was younger.  

Orepark's Favorites of TSG Stunna

In this track "Counterfeit" certifies his over exceptional wordplay along with aggression.
This one can bring the energy out the listener. Perhaps his scholarship in school along with street smarts gives him an advantage on his rapping abilities.


Today Stunna is on top of his game and is establishing himself as one of the best and authentic to come out of Fresno. There's no doubt about it that the spirits that motivate Stunna and live in him will continue to lead him to the water.

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