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How Has TrapMob Los Kept The Streets on Lock? 


Trapmob los


South Stockton, CA


Hip Hop / Rap


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TrapMob Los is back again giving the streets nothing but high quality mainstream music. The Bars are second to none and he has all the necessities to take things to the next level. 

Lil Los teams up with MarleyBee3z in his latest track "Too Official" and pays homage to a friend of his that recently passed away. 

TrapMob Los has been one of the top artist involved in Stocktons rap scene for years. Since about the early 2010's Lil Los has been consistently hitting the streets with banger after banger. The only time there would be gaps in him dropping music was when he was incarcerated. Otherwise the pressure is always on, always making noise, always in the audience face with some of the best material in the city. The quality of the lyrics, the context/meaning of his songs, and the top of the line beat selection has kept Los relevant for years 

Lil Los and MarleyBee3z scores a major feature with Sacramento's Celly Ru for a remix of Marley's hit single "Top Opp" which is on its way to hitting 150k Views in only a month. The original track is sitting at 740k views after only 5 months. 


Los Has continued to make a big name for himself both inside and outside of music and has made him a staple of the Stockton music scene. He long ago had taken over the 209 as one of the more popular artist and even has amassed a following leaps and bounds beyond his city. It seems we are experiencing a new chapter of Lil Los' career where he uses his influence to climb his way to the next level and become a national superstar. 

TrapMob Los has had his foot on the streets neck due to his consistency, high level of lyricism, authenticity, and style. Today he continues his California takeover

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