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Get Locked in With Toohda Bands

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Toohda Band$


Oakland, California


Hip Hop / Rap


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The torch has been passed and the new generation of the Seminary music scene is  here. Its leader is Toohda Band$.

In Toohda Band$ latest release he speaks his mind and ends up dropping a banger for the streets


Born and raised in Oakland, Ca Toohda at a young age had to adapt to the relentless streets that he was raised. The Seminary native grew up in a single parent household due to his father being incarcerated and at a young age found himself getting more and more involved with the streets. With his mother having to move around a lot He had to adapt to new environments time and time again. Toohda was heavily influenced by his older brother who at the time was heavy in the streets and began to take after him. A high amount of stories begin this way in Oakland and some of them end the same way, but what Toodah didn't know is that things were about to change for him in a big way. 

Toohda Band$ sets the record straight with "Dont Worry Bout It" 


Before Toohda began rapping full time he had heaty feet in the streets and being from Seminary he already knew about Philthy Rich and would see him in the hood frequently. Soon Toodah would start to take up rap for himself, but the street life and his new aspiration would be put to a screeching halt due to a 211 charge. Time stood still and Toodah was eithier going to get out and take music very serious or he was going to spend years in prison. But God had the final say. Toodah beat the case and as soon as he got out Philthy Rich was there, ready to sign him to FOD Ent. 



After getting signed and till this day Toodah Bands has been going harder than ever and consistently dropping some of the best quality music coming out of Northern Cali. Some highlighted songs are "U a Lie" and "Free the Thugs". Both surpassing 8.5 Million streams on just Spotify alone.
It is safe to say that FOD holds some of the most promising artist coming out of Oakland, and Toohda Band$ is a perfect example. 


"U a Lie" is one of Toohda's Most streamed tracks 

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