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Surf baby



Stockton, Ca 


Hip Hop / R&B


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Coming out of Stockton, CA Surf Baby radiates superstar energy. The talent is evident and audiences from around the world are in consensus. 


Surf Baby is on the rise and is making her presence known around Northern California and beyond. This artist is a breath of fresh air and reminds those who watch the West Coast rap scene that there is still sincere talent out there. I can see this artist making it very far and leaving elevating beyond the streets she grew up in. In the below song "Who I Are" Surf baby draws the listener in with her serene and majestic energy and draws them closer into her world.


Surf Baby is no question one of the hottest artists that has been coming out of Stockton, CA. The listener can sense the passion and emotion that Surf Baby puts into her craft. Surf Baby flaunts her effortless talent and good looks but there is also the element of grind, and work ethic that has gotten her the exposure she genuinely deserves. Surf Baby has been rapping for some time, building her foundation for her future success.  


It's clear and obvious to everyone who is following this artist that She is a destined mainstream enigma. The only question is the LEVEL of success this artist will have. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Surf Baby. 

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