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Fast Traffic Drops Highly Anticipated Album

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The Fast Traffic Movement is in full effect and by the sound and energy of this new album, shows no sign of Slowing down anytime soon. The Stockton native has added to his "Streets Love Traffic" series in a monstrous way. This album still keeps the smooth, player, hustler mentality music that Traffic is known for, but this one does have more of a killers edge than usual. The listener can tell Traffic was in rare form when recording these tracks. 

The album has a great beat selection. This is per usual with traffic. What Sets this album aside from others that is on the Market is the authentic lyricism and hustlers' mentality that radiates to the listener. When listening to a Fast Traffic song, your motivated to get up and get a bag. It's that simple. Fast Traffic has a way with words and can use his advanced wordplay and lyricism to compel the listener to get on their grind. Fast Traffic is a great artist and one of the best pure lyricists to come out of Nor Cal. This is a great album with no skips and is a smooth listen. 

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