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RoadRun Cmoe

Fort Worth, Texas 

  • Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas 


  • Years Active: 2015 - Present 


  • Musical Influences: Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, OJ Da Juiceman 


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Lets jump straight into RoadRun Cmoe's latest release 'Lucid Dreams'


RoadRun Cmoe was born in raised in Texas, but throughout his life, he made his way through different parts of the Lone Star State. Growing up, Cmoe had grew up in areas such as Waco and McAdoo, Texas but spent most of his time in Fort Worth. Coming up Cmoe was raised by his mother due to his father not being around, but it wouldn't hold him back one bit. 


As Cmoe got older he began to get more and more influenced by the streets. His mother would date drug dealers and Cmoe was exposed to some of the rewards of jumping into the streets such as money, cars, and clothes. Cmoe loved to be fly and wanted all of the newest shoes, but his mother couldnt provide the type of things he wanted for himself, so he jumped into the streets. 


Cmoe's name began to make noise in the streets. He had friends that was into music serious, but he never had got into it himself. His people were established artist with connections with artist such as Migos and Johnny Cinco. There was a studio in one of the traps Cmoe would be at and he would sometimes play around with music because he thought it was fun and he saw it as possibly another way to get revenue. He began to jump on the mic more frequently and loosely became known as a rapper. When his friend he would make music with quit rapping, Cmoe felt he was already too deep in music to stop too and kept going. A move that would be one of his best. 

Being in the streets has its darkside, and Cmoe has been incarcerated multiple times. On his last stint, he did 5 years, but it would serve to be the most instrumental to his way of looking at the world. While he was in the streets making money, he had multiple friends and people by his side, but when he was incarcerated he had no one. This would drill in the principle of "all you have is yourself" into Cmoe. Being in the cell with his own thoughts brought the drive to take music serious when he was released, and he did. After being released he began putting in major work and dropping street anthems, but his track 'Racks Today' would shoot him to the top. From there Cmoe began to take over the Texas music scene. 


Today RoadRun Cmoe has established himself as a legendary Texas artist and has dropped multiple hits, worked with artist across the country, has creating his own clothing, and even has his own exotic cereal! It's safe to say Cmoe is a multifaceted entrepreneur and will be considered one of the best hustlers of his time.

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