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Equis Drops New Album





San Jose


Latin/Hip Hop / Rap


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Once again Equis blesses the streets with another Latino/Trap album. Each time Equis drops we know that it is going to be a club smash. Coming out of San Jose, Ca, Equis brings his Bay Area sauce to the Central Valley and shows us how Latin rap is supposed to sound like. We at Orepark can assure you that this is a different type of Latino trap. Equis utilizes his experience in multiple genres to give the audience some of the most creative bangers we ever heard! 

Equis drops the video to his lead single off the album "Prendelo"


In this new album Equis makes sure he brings his best like always. In tracks like "Prendelo" and "No Importa" Equis shows his ability to give the listener both high energy bangers, and serene slow dancing music. Equis has the talent to be able to configure his voice to fit the key and feel of the track. Another example of the musical prowess of this artist is the track "Mover El Culo". This track gives an underground, after hours club sound. The rhythmic drums along with the tenner Spanish vocals beats through the speakers and compels the listener to get off their asses and dance!

Just another example of how Equis is able to ground and pound any beat in both English and Spanish 

Equis exhibits his ability to make tracks perfect for any mood on the dancefloor. Slow, fast, or moderate, "Prendelo" has all the facets of a album that will make its way further into the club scene and generate enormous success.

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