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Lines are drawn in the Central Valley. Good.

One thing we can say about the Central Valley is, everyone knows one another in some capacity. Where years ago, people were 30 deep and joined at the hip, today division is at an all-time high. What does that mean about what's happened over the years? Falling out, Moving, Falling off, disloyalty? While it's a shame the environment is so different, those who have stayed in this game have people around them they can trust. Why? Because through all the changes they stayed the same and constantly played the game by the rules. The rules haven't changed in the game, and there the only principles that help separate the real from the fake. We know the rules. So, the divisions and separations are good, right? Creativity is at an all-time high. Inventiveness is the new way of life. You can stand out with creativity. I think that the lessons learned in the game have forced people to tap into a creative part of them out of wisdom. They have come to the point where they know that their whole struggle of the streets and the hustler's mentality is encapsulated in their product. Because for some, it's all they have.

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