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How the East Oakland legend kept the streets on lock for years


Philthy Rich


Oakland, California


Hip Hop / Rap


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Philthy Links with BFD Packman for the visual to 'Trust The Process'


Hailing the Seminary section of East Oakland, Ca. Philthy Rich Has Been in the rap game for years, always adapting and configuring new innovative ways to get money. Since about 2007 Philthy Rich has been dropping classics, solidifying his legendary name, and putting people from his area and abroad in positions to win. He is considered to be perhaps the most mainstream Oakland artist since E-40, working with the biggest names in the industry such as Birdman, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, Peezy, Icewear Vezzo, Migos and far more. With having achieved major success in the game, Philthy today has focused primarily on building his different brands, particularly FOD ENT. This label has signed some of the most talented and driven artist in Oakland including Young JR, Killa Fonte, Just Bang, Paidro Classic and More. 

Philthy Rich sets the record straight with "59 Bars" a single off his latest Album 'Federal Indictment'

The FOD Family comes together to drop their latest single together "No Motion"


But how has Philthy been kept the streets on lock for so long? Consistency and Efficiency. Behind the scenes the Oakland native is constantly building and accomplishing through hard work and dedication. You can often hear Philthy speak in interviews and in his music about how his work ethic has gotten him to the position where he is. The main message is motivation and to let the masses know that hard work pays off and that "Slow motion is better than no Motion"

Secondly, Philthy has dropped quality music that the streets have fed off of for years. By speaking in his music about losses, grief, wins, hustle and success he is able to provide music for just about every human emotion that one may feel. This has allowed Philthy's music to become a consistent source of support, motivation, and energy for his Millions of listeners over the years. As a result Oakland has developed an intimate relationship with Philthy Rich, always wanting to hear and see what he does next. The hard work and dedication Philthy has put into his craft has made him apart of the towns conciousness.



As time passed Philthy has applied more attention into building brands and passing the torch to the artist signed to FOD Ent. Once again Philthy has maneuvered his game plan in order for he and his team to win.

The FOD Family drops a fire cypher together, Solidifying their top spots in Oaklands rap game.

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