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"P-Dub Says He's signed to himself"


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Oakland, CA

Musical Influences:

Lil Boosie, Hot Boys 


Hip Hop / Rap


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P Dubs comes in the game showing everyone tuning in that his shoot for the top isn't to be taken lightly. P Dub has become a hot topic in the Nor Cal rap scene. Dropping tracks with the likes of Peso Peso, Bla$ta, and more, while at the same time giving a platform for his people. 

After numerous artist bio's published here on, there is one factor that seems prevalent within the most artists' stories. P Dubs story begins in a single parent household. But the rough upbringing didn't break this artist for the worse. 

P Dub became a hot topic on the Nor Cal Rap scene when the artist dropped "Im That Nigga" Ft Peso Peso. The track Introduced new listeners to the Oakland native.

P Dub explained to Orepark that his poverty stricken childhood is what drives his relentless grind. While experiencing the cold realities of the streets at a young age, in about 6th grade P Dub got a notebook and began writing his own raps.                                                            

P Dub talks about when he decided to take music seriously. "I was standing on the corner telling myself I was going to drop a music video, and if it does at least 10,000 views it's a sign from God and I'm gonna really put my all into this." The video did 10,000 in 3 days. And today P Dub continues to keep his ode to himself and tells us that "...My fans are what keeps me going, because I know they want more. My circle keeps me motivated and I'm not even the type that starts something and gives up."   

As P Dub makes his push for mainstream it is obvious that he will not stop until he is on top, and that he is willing to bet big on his and his teams future. It must also be noted that P Dub had made a strong push for the top before his most previous incarceration. Touring with Industry heavyweights and gaining a major buzz.

And P Dub made it clear to us he will do it again.

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