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Nu Tone

Breathing new life into Hip-Hop

"P-Dub Says He's signed to himself"


Nu Tone


Stockton, CA

Musical Influences:

2pac, Nas, The Jacka


Hip Hop / Rap


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NuTone. Formely known as Filthy Tone has reinvented himself and is bringing a much needed element to the rap game. That element is soul. There has been a lack of soul and sense of self in the rap game. Luckily there are artist like Nu-Tone who has seen it all and will break down the harsh reality of the streets. In a world where the audience is worried about things sometimes, we have to shed light on artist like Nu-Tone

The Bandito was born and raised on Stocktons East Side with a single Mother who was rarely around and a Father who was incarcerated most of his childhood. These circumstances made the streets regular like the sun to Nu-tone. With that came drugs, gangs, violence and incarceration himself. 

But through it all Nu Tone knew that the streets would not be his fate and he would not perish like most have done where he was from. He had a dream and a brewing passion within him that would one day unleash and make his dreams a reality.  

Nu Tone grew up in a musical environment where the nature of the environment is closely related to the music you listen to. Nu Tone always loved music, but writing music came to him through a letter to his father, where he realized that putting words on paper was healing, and he was able to spit his feeling well. His newfound talent was something that he would take serious. Fast forward a little, and Tone was in the studio with the Jacka, opening up for artist like J-Stalin, throwing his own shows, and making good money off of rap. Now things were coming together, and Nu Tone was taking music seriously.  

In the midst of his journey, Tone new it was time for a change. The death, the system, the sorrow was nothing he wanted to proliferate any longer. So he switched his style and image and went from Filthy Tone to Nu Tone, to signify change. This change propelled him to eventually get out of the hood, and today he speaks a different message in his music. One of triumph, motivation. wins, losses and most importantly, the reality of the streets. Today, uplifting the youth is his calling, and he is using music as the medium to do so. 

We at Orepark love the message and cant wait to see what the future has in store for Nu Tone and what changes He is able to make in his city and beyond.

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