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neuros llc


Neuros LLC has been on fire lately and is gaining momentum throughout the 209 and beyond. Since its inception, CEO Justice P has been putting feet to pavement making the public aware of his company. The CEO, Justice has released t shirts, but the shirts represent something far greater than meets the eye. 


We asked Justice about what the new company represents, he said "Its related to the real neuroscience, there is a lot of creativity along with the name, because just like our product, neuros work with the brain to create good vibes and builds creativity" Justice is not telling any short tales, because his company also promotes cannabis products . It seems that there are a lot of products in Neuros development stage and that there is more to come. We asked Justice what to expect from his company in the near future he stated that "There is a lot more to come, we are working on summer gear, hats, weed products, and more"

What makes this company special is that its CEO is no stranger to adversity and is performing a full 180 with this move. When we asked what motivated Justice to start he said that his goal was to "make it out the streets. I want to make a difference for myself, my family, and my community. Its time for me to be my own boss."


Stay locked in with Neuros and follow their Instagram for updates and product releases!

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Neuros will be vending at the BOE-LYMPICS in Minnesota. Send a message for details 

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