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Is Fully one of the hardest Working Artist in Oakland? 




Oakland, Ca


Hip Hop/R&B


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Fully & 5StarKay have come together to make an album that changes the way you look at the world, and how you view these two as artist in general. The listener is transfixed by the earthy aura of the beats and the substantive lyrics from both artists. Listen below and save the music, this will perfect for a springtime drive. Beautiful Music. The songs that stand out to us and really drive home the energy of the album is "RAINY DAY" "HEART RACE" and "TIRED". There is also a dose of high energy with "LOVE SONGS", "ONE SHOT" and "LAND SHARK". To me personally. "LOVE HARD" is the best and most unique. 

For some time now we have been following FULLY and his rise to the top, and as we document his come up, we see that he is not trying to be put in the "Rap" category, but establishing himself as a multifaceted talent who has a deep passion for his craft. In most cases with artist, they try and form an identity early but become trapped in that identity. With FULLY, the listener is confident that they can find a song in his catalog that can sync with their current emotion. 


The versatility of FULLY is at this point established and it is a fact that he will blow. 5StarKay is also a perfect addition to this album because he already has the mainstream sound that FULLY is going for in this project.

All in all the album is great and we cant wait to see what he has in store next! 

Mind. Body. Spirit 

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