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Next Up Out of The City?




San Francisco, Ca 



Hip Hop / Rap

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KillaKam looks to be one of the next promising artist to blow out of San Francisco. Through his lyrics you can hear a story of Grind, Wins, Losses, and a demand for respect. San francisco is a prominent part of the northern California rap scene and is a cauldron of Hip Hop talent, but Kam seems to be making the breakthrough in a big way and the couple of songs he has released proves that he is on a higher level than the competition.

Killa Kam pays tribute to a fallen soldier in his single "Long Live Smokey"


In Kam's latest release the emotion and energy is transfered to the listener and you can feel Kam's pain. Anyone listening to this track can understand not only that Kam's and the brother the song is referencing was close, but that he was also a good person. 
Killa Kam does not have many songs out as of now but by listening to the ones that he does, one can tell that he is destined for something great. The aggressiveness, wordplay, lyric to beat awareness, rhythm, and contemporary beat choice that Killa Kam is displaying is all the requisites for a big run in his rap career. 

Killa Kam send a message in this single "Snitch K" with MoneySpigzz 

Its obvious Killa Kam has what it takes to reach the top, and based off of the talent it wont take long. Lets see what the future has in store for this artist.

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