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East Oakland, CA


Hip Hop / Rap


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Just Bang, One of the hottest artist of the FOD label just dropped a no skip album. The beats, the energy, the lyrics, the wordplay is top tier. Bang is already known for his high energy tracks and over the top, but catchy lyrics. But he takes everything to a whole new level in 'Voice Of The 8'. Tracks like "Swap Out", "Voice Of the 8", and "Young and Reckless" are vintage Bang, hard hitting lyrics where the wordplay is so crazy it may add a humorous aspect to some listeners. But Bang is serious. It's crazy how someone comes up with some of the things he says. Take a listen for yourself. 

Bang has obviously elevated his already creative flow and adds crazy beats to create slaps. 

Bang hits the studio and records visuals to his single "Canadian Goose".

Get in tune with one of Bangs most popular singles "Big 28". Which from the looks was a huge music video.


It's obvious that bang has taken his already super creative flow and built on it, making him one of the most standout artists coming out of the Bay Area. With his lyrics he has the ability to say things that audience members have either thought about or done, but never heard it vocalized in a song. Bangs style of rap is a Oakland style of 'shit talking'. Meaning he can take make a banger track just by stepping in the booth and rapping about anything and make a hit. 

Although that isn't the only side to Bang. He also has the ability to make deep songs about some of the things he has felt and experienced coming up in the 'Murder Dubs' of Oakland. For some listeners this may be what they need to hear from their favorite artist and bang delivers. 

Just Bang has just leveled up and we are bound to see something even bigger happen in his career

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