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J Money

The Future Of Oakland 



The future of Oakland is here. J Money is setting the foundation for his Future takeover of the West Coast Rap Game. This is looking to be the artist that will break the mold and be a mainstream artist coming out of Oakland. 

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The story of J money is being written in stone. He is one of the most popular young artist on the West Coast. For those who may not know this is the son of FOD's J-Bay. The Incarcerated J-bay's name has been ringing bells in Oakland for a long time, although his name began becoming known by people outside of Oakland as FOD CEO Philthy Rich continues to say "Free Jbay" in a lot of his most popular songs. Little did the audience know at the time is that J-bay's son J-Money was being groomed not only as an artist, but perhaps the artist that will break the mold and be a new era Oakland artist to break mainstream. Which is a very hard task due to the circumstances of how the music scene works.  

J Money has a unique style that isa mixture of Detroit style "Spice Talk" and the vintage Oakland swag mixed into one. The delivery and substance of the music is appealing mostly to kids his age although the energy of his music can gravitate all listeners. This is an artist to keep a very close eye on because it looks like this might be FOD's secret weapon. J Money is being groomed to be a mainstream artist and before he is 18 will singlehandedly have Oaklands rap game in a choke hold. 

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