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J Mobb

San Francisco, Ca 

  • Hometown: Oakland, CA


  • Years Active: 2004 - Present


  • Musical Influences: Eminem, Bob Marley, Nas, 2pac, 

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Lets jump straight into J Mobb's latest release 'Our Way'

J Mobb was born in Oakland, Ca. He was raised mainly by his mother and stepfather due to his real father not being around. J mobb's story takes place in various parts of the country.  When he was 5 years old his family packed up and moved to Atlanta, GA and stayed there for about 10 years. While there, J and his mother would move around quite frequently, making life hard on the both of them. In school and on the streets J Mobb was constantly getting in fights, displaying an energy that would soon be put into the microphone. 

More Releases From J Mobb


Str8 2 It pt 2

Single (2023)

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No Other Way 

Single (2023)

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Do it 4 Me 

Single (2023)

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Throughout JMobb's troubled youth, his stepfather, began to peak J's interest in music. His stepfather was greatly into reggae music, and thats where J first started to develop his love for music. Bob Marley was very big for J's stepfather and artist like that is who was played most of the time. JMobb really liked it and began to gravitate towards reggaeton. 
But one day J Mobb sat down and watched Eminem's movie 8 Mile. After watching this, J Mobb instantly fell in love with hip-hop music and knew that he was going to be a Rap star himself.


At 13, J began writing his own music and even recording music at the local boys and girls club. The artist he listened to at that time was Nas, 2Pac, Bow Wow, and of course, Eminem. When J dropped his first song he was exhilarated, but JMobb's passion for music intensified when one day he was at a event held by the Sunset Youth Service and a friend of his named Max had a beat that JMobb really liked and gave it to him to rap on. J took the opportunity seriously and absolutely murdered the track. After that, he took music seriously, making his own beats, producing his own tracks, and writing his own lyrics.


Today, JMobb is going crazy by dropping lots of music and keeping his listeners fed. J' continues to showcase his talent and veteran flow every time he steps on a track. When we asked JMobb what keeps him motivated he told us " My daughter is my motivation. Whenever I look at her, or I'm away from her, I'm reminded that I have a responsibility and a duty to go hard for her." JMobb is still in his prime and does is not going to let up. Its obvious that JMobb be  in the conversation as a Frisco Legend

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