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Hemp Hero

Hayward's Hero




Hayward, Ca


Hip Hop / Rap


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Haywards Hemp Hero is more than just the Hero of Hemp, but he may also be the hero of Hayward. The rap game within hayward may have slowed down a bit but due to the last few releases from this artist, things are about to wake up. In his latest release 'Starting Lines', the listener may not know what's to come. You start listening to the serene guitar riff and right when you begin to build intrigue...BOOM! Hemp Hero rips it. While a banger beat is playing, Hero just goes in and flawlessly gives intimate details about the life he lives, in a way that forces the listener to bob their head and frown their face. I know that what I did. 

Hemp Hero goes crazy in his latest release "Starting Lines"


You can really hear the raw grit and passion being emitted by this artist. In every drop that Hemp Hero has made he never fails to impress with his lyrical ability and rhythm sense. All judgements go out the window as soon as you hear the first couple of bars and the listener can instantly identify the authenticity given from this artist. There has been a lot of great talent to come out of Hayward, but Hemp Hero is an artist that the whole Bay Area can get behind and push based on his Mainstream look, unique swag, lyrical talent, and authenticity. When watching his videos, the viewer is also entertained and fixated on the charisma that Hemp Hero has. All in all, this should be one of the artists the Bay Area really help push to the next level, and based off of what Hemp Hero shows, he may be able to do it himself. 

Hemp hero puts his versatility on display in his mic performance of his single "Lil Dance" 

Hemp Hero may be the next big act to come out of Hayward and I can't wait to see how his career takes off. 

Hemp hero once again shows he is an 'outside of the box' artist in his track "(Go) Dirty"

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