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Gillette Peezy 

On the Rise in Oakland 

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Oakland, CA 


Hip Hop / Rap


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One of the Main artists out of East Oaklands Moneyville District is the talented GillettePeezy. Gillette is a reputable from his section, and looks to have a good reputation with other artist coming from the same arena as him. GillettePeezy does stand out in a big way. Before we continue, take a listen for yourself   

Sfxentdeli x Gillette peezy ( 60 bars) Offical music video Dir.Phlbaby

Coming out of East Oaklands 85th Ave GillettePezzy has continuously dropped fire tracks and remains one of the top artist from his section. There is no question that Peezy has a viral hit on the way. His style is unmatched and unique. Its hard to find an artist to compare him to and when you listen to his music you can see for yourself this is the artist next up out of Oakland. 

Gillette peezy - Thizzler freestyle( smooth wit it )

Oakland has a lot of hope for the future. With Artist like Peezy on the map we know that there are artist out there who do not fit the normal Nor Cal rapper Stigma. Meaning that He does sound like anyone else. The listener can also hear the real stories and authentic bars that GillettePezzy spits. He often tells his story of Wins, losses, speaks his principles and gives the occasional Spice Talk!

Based on the Work Ethic it looks like GillettePeezy is positioning himself to be next up out of the town. He already has a great discography and once he gets his viral hit  he will have so much more for the fans to dive into. GillettePezzy is coming for the top and his time is coming very soon!

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