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Equis Drops New Album

GHETTO SPanglish




San Jose


Latin/Hip Hop / Rap


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Each time Equis steps to the plate we know that what he delivers is star quality music. The production, sounds, rhymes, beat selection and overall energy of Equis is what the audience is looking for. Equis gives the audience a dose of Latin, with the perfect mix of his street roots. The authenticity and talent is undeniable and Equis knows how to make the audience and the ladies move!

Equis drops the video to his single "Geeked Up"


In this album Equis shows his versatility by rapping in English and Spanish over Nor Cal beats. All the while Equis doesn't forget to bring the Latino Heat with tracks like "Bring It Back" and "Culpa". This is some of Equis best work and the quality of the music shows that this artist is ready to make the jump to the Next level! We are sure to see it happen based off the high work rate Equis has. 

Equis gives a "Cruising in LA" type vibe  with "Slide"

Equis exhibits his ability to make tracks perfect for any mood on the dancefloor. Slow, fast, or moderate, "Ghetto Spanglish" has all the facets of a album that will make its way further into the club scene and generate enormous success.

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