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Oaklands Rising Star




FYT The Label


Oakland, Ca


Hip Hop / Rap


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Passion, drive, hunger, and aggression. These are just some of the words than describe Oakland Gen4Stunna (and that's an understatement). When first listening to this artist you can easily identify the authenticity Stunna radiates. But Stunna is not just you average artist. Where he stands out is through the lyrical wordplay he exercises in each song. The energy and passion in Stunnas music is transferred to the listener and the energy is reciprocated. Gen4Stunna has the necessary star power engage audiences on a large scale and make each fan want to listen more to see what's next. 

Gen4Stunna goes crazy in his latest release "Coalition"

Gen4Stunna lets out his inner gorilla in his single 'Oh Really'

Can Gen4Stunna be the next star to come out of Oakland? It sure seems that way. The sound that he projects in his music has the ability to engage audiences from here to Detroit, and perhaps beyond. To me this is based off of the creative wordplay that today's listeners love to hear. Shit Talkin. What Stunna brings is serious situations being lyricized in a playful way. Even though if you were to ask him, it's not a game. All in all, Stunna does have the requisites to take his career a lot further than most due to consistently releasing good, quality music. I think He would out do a lot of artists and become the star of a lot of tracks if he were to get more high-end features on his tracks. This way he would really shine.

We Cant wait to see how Gen4Stunna's Carrer takes off!

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