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The New Voice of The Bay

STI Entertainments 'Fully' has been riveting audiences as he continues to set the foundation for his eventual rise to mainstream. 




Oakland, Ca


Hip Hop/R&B


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The Anticipation and anxiety for Fully's 2nd album is over! Through the 'Fully Fridays', the features, the Sacramento Bar Fest and snippets the wait is done. G.U.N is here! 

Fully teams up with Certified Ced for the video to the lead single from G.U.N "Nextel"

Every time Fully steps up to a mic, he proves that he is on a different level when it comes to his rhyming and wordplay. When you listen to the lyrics of a Fully song you can experience the intricacy and intensity that beams through the headphones. G.U.N is on some album of the year for the bay area level. Tracks like "Nextel", "Top on Me" and "Dry Age" really drive home the fact that this album is pushing Fully into a new Atmosphere. As this album continues to circulate, listeners will be shocked by what they hear (in a good way of course)

Dbo teams with 'Fully' and brings the heat with "West Coast Bully".


Fully Lays down the heat at the Sacramento bars fest (1:20)

One of the most pristine and detailed lyricists to come out in the past 10 years. Oakland 's Fully is shocking audiences with his super creative wordplay and consistently showcases his unique talent every Friday on his Instagram with 'Fully Fridays'. People who tap in know there in for a treat and know they're going to hear one of the coldest bars they ever heard. This does not just go for freestyles. Fully still manages to bring the heat in singles such as "West Coast Bullies" With Mac God Dbo or "Horror Flick" With Reg Black.  All in all, The rap community is aware that Fully is on another level. 

It has to be intimidating for artist all over knowing there's rappers like Fully out there! 

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