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The fod firestorm

The FOD label has been on a hot streak dropping star quality music and doesn't look like they will be taking a foot off the pedal anytime soon.        

Orepark went to East Oakland for Philthy Richs' 59 Day and tapped in with He and more artist from FOD 

Whats new?

FOD is known for flooding the streets with product and everyday further solidifying the fact they are the hardest working label in Oakland. Some can even argue they are one of the hardest working labels on the West Coast. The labels CEO Philthy Rich is today as the one who has planted the seed for the new era of Northern music we experience, giving notice to artist like Mozzy and Bris. The magic touch of Philthy Rich to create careers has not stopped. It has only increased because almost all music listeners in Oakland and beyond are aware of the FOD artist and some of their music. This is not just because of the effect Philthy has had on their careers. He has signed some of the hungriest artist on the streets of Oakland, and their passion to succeed is inspiring. No matter what the situation is, you see these artists working. FOD artists are in the gym right now, training and instituting a hardcore work ethic and when the time comes for them to take on the industry, they will kill it!! 

FOD Latest Releases 

Heres some of the latest releases from the FOD camp

Each artist brings their own specialty to the table. Each artist also has an overall core fan base and all together makes FOD seem like the Oakland Avengers 

Young Jr has maintained his own hot streak after dropping 2 singles back to back. Here is the latest "Fake Love"

FOD Upcoming Releases 

Heres some of the upcoming releases from the FOD camp

Paidro Classic "Drowning in Love" June 14th 

Paidro Classic is set to relaese another studio album but this time, the music is coming from a more emotional element, love. We asked Paidro what made him want to drop an album more focuses on love and he said. "Everyone is always talking about the same thing, male rappers and even female rappers, but everyone has a different side and we got to speak about everything. We can talk about the mackin but we got to talk about the other shit too. We all got Kids right?"

RR "Bully Of The Year" June 21st 

RR is the latest signee of FOD and has been showing the drive he has by being a consistent rapper. Its good to see artist like this get signed and start growing as an artist and learning how to balance their personal lives with their passion for music. We interviewed RR after he signed his deal, take a look. 

Listen and watch the content above and be ready for more, cause FOD is coming. People may not see, but they are heavily outworking the competition. When oven ONE artist drops a hit, the work ethic will follow and EACH artist will be on. We at Orepark is aware of what is happening right now in Oakland. Are you?


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