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"Bro Is finna be hella famous soon I see it coming."



Stockton, California


Stockton, CA

Years Active:

2019 - Present


Hip Hop / Rap


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Lets Jump straight into EBK Bckdoe's latest release "EGO"

Bckdoe once again drops some heat showcasing his patented flow and letting his fans know he's going to continue to keep the hits coming every time.


EBK Bckdoe was born and raised in Stockton, Ca. He grew up in a single mother household with his brothers and at an early age was always into music and rapping. He had a rough relationship with his mother which caused him to want to be away from his home and be outside. This is partly where jumping into the street life began for Bckdoe. Stockton has a reputation for being a grimy place, but for bckdoe it was his norm and all he knew coming up. He would try to be a good kid, but ultimately, he was becoming a product of his environment and would constantly be into mischief. Outside of school and at home Bckdoe was heavily involved in the streets of Stockton. As a teenager he was in and out of juvenile hall and it was beginning to look as if the streets were going to take a full hold over his life. But then after getting released from juvie when he was 17, he had a child, and that changed everything.  


Having a child changed Bckdoe's mentality and he made the decision to move smarter and more mature. He also had a natural inclination for music and arranging words due to him rapping since he was a child. His people would always wonder why he would never make tracks but at the time he had no desire to take rap seriously. Until one day he was in a studio with one of his good friends and Bckdoe decided that it was time, and he never looked back since.  


Early EbkBckdoe


Once Bckdoe jumped on his first track everyone around him knew it was over! He almost instantly became a hit within Northern California and beyond. Songs Like "Bring a Bag", "Angry Africans" and "Richie Rich" was doing numbers and the rise to the top of the West coast rap game was established. 

Bckdoe continued to drop hit after hit and the fans were beginnig to understand that this artist from Stockton didn't miss! 

Recent EbkBckdoe


Today Ebk Bckdoe is on top of his game. He is doing shows, selling records, and broadening his audience with every track. We are witnessing a northern Cali legend and he will be known for years now as being one of the biggest artist to come out of Stockton. 

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