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"DYMND"Ready to releasenew album




Fast Rising Bay Area R&B singer 'DYMND' is set to deliver her newest album "Gems" and the music world is more than ready to receive the top notch talent that she is always delivering. 

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DYMND is usheing in a new wave of Northern Cali Based R&B music, in which she herself is at the forefront. The Bay Area grown artist for years has been developing and shaping her sound, and is set to drop a masterpiece. Orepark began working with DYMND about a year ago and every track she has put out has been serene, majestic, and though provoking. When lost in the trance that DYMND puts the listener one cant help but think " Is this the best musician coming out of Northern California?" And when you realize the answer is yes, you cant help but to become intrigued with where Her career will go. We know she will blow up, and we love that she is homegrown, the only question that lies is WHEN!

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