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On The Come Up: 
Del Ray Eliante


Del Rey Eliante


Fairfield, CA


Hip Hop / Rap


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Del Rey Eliante has been waking the streets up without even being on the streets. Del Rey's recent singles gave garnered a lot of attention in the Nor Cal area and beyond. Making a lot of listeners think that he can be one of the first artist to blow behind bars.  

Del Rey Eliante puts together scenes for his single "Wake Up" ft. Lil Ocean

In Del Rey's latest project he usues his talent and creativity to tell a story of wins, losses, principles, and motivation.

It seems more than evident that even in his current circumstances Del Rey Eliante is not going to let anything or anyone stop him from the accomplishment of his dreams. In his music you hear him send that message. He lets the listener know that he is aware of everything and even though he is locked up, He's still making noise and moving pieces on the board.


Is Del Rey Eliante the next Star on the Rise? 

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