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D' Barbie

Richmond, CA

  • Hometown: North Richmond, CA

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

  • Years Active: 2018 - Present

  • Musical Influences: Nicki Minaj, Drake

  • KINNECT: @actionpackbarbie

Lets Jump into D'Barbie's Latest Music Video 'Party with Shareese'

D'Barbie - Party with Shareese

D'Barbie - Party with Shareese

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Coming out of Richmond, Ca, D'Barbie was raised by her Mother and Grandmother. Her Father was absent in her early life due to him being incarcerated. D'Barbie got involved with the street life at an early age, but like most children growing up that area it all came about organically. She would go out and play with kids in her neighborhood on the daily basis, but as she got older this graduated into fighting with others from opposing parts of Richmond. Her aggressive behavior would be one of the shortcomings that would haunt her in the near future but also be flipped and used to bring her blessings.