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How the Sac veteran Remained on top of the Music game for years 


Cash Money Lavish D (CML)


Sacramento, California


Hip Hop / Rap


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South Sacramento artist CML or Lavish D continues to drop street anthems and further etch his place in Sacramento's Mt. Rushmore


The Sac veteran has had the streets in a chokehold for years. Although this was not done overnight. CML's passion in music can be traced back to  1998. CML was only 14 years old when he began to show the world around him that he is a talented artist with a unique perception. Early onlookers were able to easily identify Lav's keen ability to orate the street life, but with a new and eccentric style. All who were witness to CML's early life knew they had a future legend on thier hands

CML delivers a banger in recent release "Here I Go"

The FOD Family comes together to drop their latest single together "No Motion"


But how has CML kept his place on the throne for so long? CML had already has serious momentum in the streets of South Sacramento anterior to his rap career.  It can be said that the musical element only enhanced CML's status, whereas he would have been a high profile entity without music. This goes to show that CML's influence permeates throughout Sacramento even with no beat to rap over. This tells me that his rein over Sacramento is personal. His close ties within the streets of Northern Cali means that he has effected peoples lives behind the scenes for YEARS! Making his words and music hit on an emotional level for some a long list of listeners.    



Another Hit from CML "Deeper than Death" CML illustrates his notorious reputation

As time passed CML has applied more attention into building brands and passing the torch to the artist signed to Banked Up Ent. CML has maneuvered his game plan in order for he and his team to win. Meanwhile the audience can be proud to witness these legendry runs by so many artist which will go in modern west coast hip hop history. 

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