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Oakland, California


East Oakland, CA

Years Active:

2018 - Present


Hip Hop / Rap

Musical Influences: 

Lil Boosie, Mac Dre, Master P, Hot Boyz, Spice


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Lets Jump straight into Blackman J.B's latest release "Manifest the Bag"


Born in Oakland, CA on 92nd and Cherry Blackmans story begins. As a child he was raised in his grandmothers house along with his uncles, brothers and parents until his Mother and Father were able to afford thier own place. Even though his family had achieved some success it wasnt all roses. Growing up in East Oakland has inherent issues within its community that affects its residents, but J.B would use his predicaments to pick up on a lot of game and wisdom especially when he would move to West Oaklands Lower bottom from 15th to 7th St, a area where he would spend a big part of his childhood. After some time the struggle had reached its peak for Blackmans family and they became homeless. During this time they would live in shelters and go house to house. 

The Oakland streets had a huge effect on J.B's family. When he was only 11 years old, his father was killed and it hit the family hard. J.B would find himself getting more involved in the streets alongside his family that already had a career in the game. But there was one thing Blackman J.B had within him, something brewing, a beast preparing to be unleashed. J.B had talent. 


J.B had always been rapping and always had a passion for music. He began writing raps when he was about 4 years old and often friends and family members would want to hear him rhyme. They would often say "Lil James spit something!". When he was 10 years old he started jotting down his own raps in a journal and was known around the town as a young rapper. At 11 years old J.B was rapping for his church and performing in front of the congregation. But everything changed when he was 15 and finally walked into a booth and recorded his first song. From that point he knew rap was his calling.  



By the age of 19 J.B was already performing in front of crowds, dropping music, and taking his passion for music to another level. He was beginning to take his career seriously, but in 2015 he took a break from dropping music and started having children. After about a year off he jumped back in where he left off and was on his grind, dropping tracks and putting his own money behind his music.


J.B is motivated to achieve the dream he has aspired for himself since a child. Today he is going harder than ever and taking his independent grind to a whole new level. When he took a break from rapping, he one day asked his children is they liked his music. They estaticly replied that they did. This was all the motivation J.B needed to turn his grind to 100. We will be seeing him in the big leagues, Its Destined

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