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Marysville, CA


Hip Hop / Rap


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Marysville, Ca has a reason to stand up and get on their feet, cause BangitoutBoog is the new sensation on the streets of Northern California. His first drop "Blxst F1rst" can garniched some attention and has the listeners wondering what is to come next. Take a listen below. 

BangitoutBoog22 - Blast F1rst 

There has not been many artist to come out of this region of Northern California and there is a lot of anticipation for Boog to reach the top. When analyzing this artist one can see that He has all the facets to be a major West Coast artist. He has the look, the sound, and the charisma. This is especially true due to the united front within the Latino community within Northern Cali. If this artist continues to drop great music, stays consistent, and puts in the footwork he can eventually become a staple in the Northern Cali Latino rap scene (Which is one of the most watched rap scenes nationwide with Latinos along with Houston and LA). Bangitoutboog's first song is almost at 20k views, which means that his name precedes his music. This also shows that he has a certain core base that will return and listen as he drops more music. There is no ceiling for BangitoutBoog and the game is ripe for a new Northern Cali star as the spotlight has been put back on the section as a result of the North vs. South feud. Can Bangitoutboog capture the moment and truly become Marysville's star? Its staring to look that way.

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