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Atlanta, GA

  • Hometown: Dayton, Ohio 


  • Years Active: 2021 - Present


  • Musical Influences: Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Bia


  • Kinnect: 

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Lets jump straight into 2K Zoo's latest release 'Evil Twin'


Zoo was born in Dayton, Ohio. It was hard for him to gain a sene of stability early in life due to he and his mother moving constantly. Mostly between Dayton and Bankhead, Atlanta Georgia. Zoo found it difficult to adapt to his environments because he never had the time too. He lived in the suburbs, the hood, and even trailer parks. Friendships were short and numerous schools were attended. Zoo knew that the only constant in life was his Mother. But something was brewing inside Zoo, and the lack of stability was creating an emotion inside of him that needed to be released. 

2K Zoo Latest Releases


'Ooh La La '

Single (2023)

'Evil Twin' Ft. 2K Babyy

Music Video / Single  (2023)


Single (2023)


Throughout all of the movement and craziness of Zoo's childhood, he found safety and comfort in Music. The hard times and the pick up and go lifestlye left a void in Zoo that by a certain age, was unfillable. The only thing zoo knew that was never going to be taken away, was his creativity. He started off singing and rapping to himself and knew he had something. But when Kanye West dropped his Legendary Album '808's and Heartbreaks' the music's creative energy struck Zoo right in the part of him that was searching for something. Zoo knew right away, Music was going to be his life. The beast was awakened!

In 2008 Zk zoo officially made his first track with the World-renowned artist Skooly. At this point you couldn't tell Zoo anything, he was going to be a artist, and he was going to be one of the best in the world. He utilized the pain and emptiness he felt inside to always come up with a musical Picasso. He knew that he could stand out because he was not just a rapper, but also a singer. He started to make a buzz while he was in high school and was selling his CD's whenever and wherever he could. He would even sneak out of his house so that he could perform at clubs. The music gave him something he never really felt. A feeling of a home. When in the studio putting his craft down, he felt at home. And no one could take that away from him.

Zoo took a break from music for a little while in order to get some personal affairs in order, but returned back in 2021 dedicated and ready to go harder than ever. Him and a friend got a place with a studio, and Zoo was doing what he loved the most, creating and dropping music. When asked what motivates him to keep the flame lit he says "Its my kids. They keep me inspired. I want to give them the life I didn't have and never be anything like me.


Today, 2K Zoo is in his bag and fulfilling his dream. He blesses his audience everyday with something new and ensures that he stays engaged with fans and his music. There is nothing stopping 2K Zoo from reaching the top!

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