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Los Angeles, California

Atlantic Records


Compton, CA

Years Active:

2014 - Present


Hip Hop / Rap


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Lets Jump straight into 1TakeJay's latest release "1 2 3 4"

1takeJay's '1234' sounds like it is potentially another viral hit as social media is flooding with users using the song, doing various dances, and creating content utilizing the song to express themselves in different ways. 


1 Take Jay was born in Compton, Ca. He grew up in a single mother household and as a only child. Being a only child encouraged the precocious Jay to form a strong identity of himself. Not having strong influences in his life made him have to look to himself for answers about life, to learn that his perspective mattered the most to himself cause at the end of the day he knew he was his own man. This created a strong minded individual who, unlike others his age needed validation to feel confident. Jay validated himself and gave himself confidence. Making him stand out from the crowd. At this point, Jay and others he knew understood, this kid was different.  


Growing up, Jay played sports at a great level, but he always had a deep passion for music also. His Mother had a deep affection for music and they both shared that love. Jay attended Centennial High School in Compton in 2014. Here is where 1TakeJay, 1TakeTeezy and 1TakeQuan formed the rap group '1TakeBoyz'. They began dropping music on Soundcloud and their artistry was beginning to generate heat with the youth around the city as a burgeoning athlete and rapper. 


Early 1TakeJay


The 1TakeBoyz began to garnish success with their turnt up persona and party style music. Each member had thier strong points that made the group great, but there was one member out the group that was the clear-cut superstar. It was Jay. The charisma alongside the cleaver punchlines on top of party energy beats had the city going crazy. 

Jay and his crew was going viral and had listeners all throughout the states listening to their music. While this was happening the audience attention was consistently fixated on Jay and as predicted he went on to become a star.   

Current Era 1TakeJay


Today 1TakeJay is on top of his game and is currently signed to Atlantic Records. Till this day he continues to wow his audience with his unique wordplay and versatility. He definitely has already stamped his career as legendary and is etching his name in LA's rap hall of fame. 

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